Considering giving up work is a major challenge faced by most of us during our lifetimes. It can be a time of great joy and relief but also one of considerable uncertainty and worry as to how your financial future will look once the monthly pay cheque stops.

With UK Interest rates near all-time lows your options may seem limited and you may rightly be concerned about whether you have accumulated enough wealth to maintain your living standards.

Here at Raymond James Cardiff we provide a number of income producing solutions and advice on how to best allocate your hard earned capital to secure your financial wellbeing into later life.

Case Study Dr and Mrs O
Dr and Mrs O retired some years ago and are now in their 80’s. We have a long standing relationship and have managed a successful income portfolio for them – Dr and Mrs O were awash with assets on retirement and had a mixed bundle of shares and funds. They recently, tragically lost their only son and have sought help with sorting out his affairs. We guided them towards trusted solicitors and will writing professionals, as well as getting them help to arrange Power of Attorney. Dr and Mrs O are happy with the relative simplicity with which the investments are managed, as they do not need to be involved themselves day-to-day. In addition to this, Dr and Mrs O know they have a friendly face who will come to visit them at their home at a moment’s request.


There comes a time in life when most of us feel they may need assistance in managing their financial affairs. We are not as young as we once were and financial markets are a totally different proposition to that they once were in days gone by. Concerns about the protection of assets and how to maintain a degree of proper control over your wealth are usually paramount at this time.

Raymond James Cardiff provide a tried and trusted service to streamline the management of your investments, reduce administration and paperwork and give your assets the protection of one of the world’s largest custodians .

Our discretionary management service allows you to remain in control while relieving you of the day to day worry of managing your investments in today’s fast moving markets.

Case Study: Mr H
My own father rigidly controlled the family finances for many years and was convinced of his own abilities when it came to stock selection and trading in spite of several disastrous investments over the years. He was perhaps the most unlikely person to seek help and had always been unwilling to listen to outside advice.
As he grew older he realised he could not keep pace with markets and many of his old Blue Chip favourites had collapsed in the 2008/9 crash. After much patient discussion he finally allowed me to manage the portfolio on a discretionary basis. Being in his late 80‘s he now has a stable diversified portfolio that gives him more income than he can spend!  He frequently comments on the “good dividends “he gets and still enjoys regular chats about the stock markets with me.


Receiving an inheritance may at first seem a wonderful experience but seldom is it as simple as just receiving a one off payment into a bank account. There is usually a pile of paperwork and financial documents to contend with that may make little sense to the layman.

There is also the problem of how to make best use of the settlement proceeds in securing your future once received.

Raymond James Cardiff have dealt with inheritance issues for many years and will be able to guide you through the administrative nightmare you are facing. We will work closely with your solicitor and other advisers in clarifying your position and provide guidance on how best to invest any capital sums received.

Whether you are seeking income, capital growth, or security of assets we have a range of solutions to provide the best tax efficient outcomes.

Case Study: Ms. B
Ms. B is the daughter of a long standing client who died leaving his estate to her and her sister Julie. Unlike Julie, Ms. B is single, of modest means, and totally uneducated financially.
On losing her father she was confronted with a pile of documents that made no sense to her and was at a total loss as to what to do. To make matters worse her father’s estate was complex and her sister unhelpful. Ms. B felt vulnerable and alone in trying to sort out what she saw as a complete mess.
Working alongside her and her solicitor and pension adviser we were able to sort out the estate on an amicable and equitable basis to the satisfaction of both her and her sister. We provided clarity and simplification on what appeared to her to be an insurmountable issue.
She now takes regular monthly income from a professionally managed portfolio which has enabled her to enjoy a better standard of living and the occasional foreign holiday.

Your Financial Legacy

Planning on how to pass on your assets and wealth to the next generation can be problematic. How do you distribute them between the various family members? How do you best shelter them from the tax man? How do you prevent them falling into the hands of an unwelcome spouse of a child or other unwanted claimant once you are gone?

Working in conjunction with your lawyers and other advisers Raymond James Cardiff can show you how to position and control your assets to achieve the outcomes you desire. This will leave you assured in the knowledge that your desired legacy is met in accordance with your final wishes.

Case Study : Ms. B
Ms. B is 92 and has been a client for many years, originally seeking advice after her husband’s death. Her husband left a large, valuable share selection which he had always managed. We organised the investments for her, easing the stress and confusion she was facing, to produce a regular income which allows her to live comfortably. We keep in regular contact, either directly or via her son, who has Power of Attorney, to ensure Ms. B remains financially secure throughout retirement.