Losing a loved one is perhaps the most traumatic experience of our lives. On top of the emotional upset financial worries can be a major concern at a time when we least want to confront them.

You may be totally confused with what and where assets have been placed by the deceased and faced with what seems an over whelming mountain of paperwork.

Our bereaved money advice in Cardiff have many years’ experience in confidently guiding you step by step through the seemingly complex maze of financial administration and paperwork .We provide simplification and clarity and easy to understand financial strategies to put your mind at rest.

Case Study Mr. L

Mr. L tragically lost his wife to cancer at a very young age. She had been the main bread winner who also managed their finances and he had little or no idea about them himself. He was therefore totally concerned about how he was going to cope and could not deal with what confronted him alone. I offered my support and together we were able to unravel where all the money was and what benefits he was going to receive. This involved several long meetings and a lot of care and understanding to reassure him he was financially okay.

I called in a reputable financial adviser to assist on his pensions and between us have entirely sorted his money issues such that he has been able to give up work . He now lives comfortably off the regular income from his pension and investments.

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