If you are going through, or recently experienced a divorce or separation you can be excused for feeling very insecure and unsure of what lies ahead financially. You may have suffered from economic abuse where a partner has controlled or manipulated your access to finances and left you feeling totally baffled about how your money is being used. You may feel very alone and worried at such a time, and understandably so!

At Raymond James Cardiff we recognise the trauma that divorce can bring and will provide you with immediate support and assistance. After a thorough but friendly consultation with both you and your legal representatives we will show you how to make best use of your own income, capital and any settlement proceeds due to you. Above all we will provide total clarity of your financial position in a clear, concise, jargon free manner and guide you towards a secure future for you and your loved ones.

Case Study: Ms. W

Ms. W and her husband went through an acrimonious divorce which left her feeling isolated and alone and doubting her ability to cope financially once they had separated. Her husband had single handily managed the family’s finances and she was at a loss to understand how it would all work from here on.

Her solicitor had negotiated a decent settlement for her but she did not grasp the finer points of managing her investments. I was able to explain in simplistic terms exactly what she had in her portfolio and how it could be used to meet her prime objective of providing for her children’s education.

She now has a tax efficient ISA manged for her by Raymond James Cardiff with no worries over the daily market movements. She monitors performance regularly and can watch the funds grow over the years. She knows help and assistance is at the end of the phone and can always request a face to face meeting as required.

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