If you or a loved one has recently suffered incapacity or serious illness you are likely to feel vulnerable and uncertain about your future. You may also question your continued ability to make wise financial decisions. It is at times like this that Raymond James Cardiff can help.

We provide personal, caring and sympathetic solutions to help you cope with what lies ahead. We are specialists in assisting people like you who, through no fault of their own are faced with an uncertain future.

Our services provide the security and professionalism you deserve in managing your affairs and relies you of the day to day worry in managing money in today’s financial markets.

Case Study : Mr. S
Mr. S suffers from severe motor neuron disease and as the person who has handled the families money for many years became concerned about his ability to continue to do so. His investments were in a narrow range of funds designed previously to provide capital growth and carried a higher degree of risk than he could now deal with. Increasingly aware of his vulnerability a local Financial Adviser introduced me to him. His ability to communicate was failing him and it required a series of long patient meetings to fully establish his wishes.
I provided a solution to diversify the ongoing risk and provide a regular flow of dividend income within his SIPP Pension portfolio such that his pension drawings were covered by them. This served to both preserve his capital and provide income. Both he and his family were re assured that the funds are in safe hands and are working for him in a risk controlled environment.