People seeking financial independence

All too many of us rely on our employer, partner, family or the state to provide us with a source of income throughout our lives. Have you ever wished to be more financially independent and not have to worry about your own financial security in this uncertain world?

At Raymond James Cardiff, we create individual investment portfolios that aim to produce reliable income to supplement your current income and help provide you with more financial freedom.

People experiencing life-changing events

Whether it be bereavement, incapacity, divorce or simply retirement, the concept of creating your own financial independence is compelling .imagine a world where you controlled your own financial well being independent of anybody else. By working with Raymond James, Cardiff you can create an alternative income source to help you secure lifelong personal cash flow.

Sporting professionals

The income generation years of many sporting professionals may be considerably shorter than those employed in other walks of life Due to the unsustainable physical demands their profession places upon them. It is therefore vitally important that you start a plan for your own financial independence curing those productive years stop at Raymond James, Cardiff we will construct investment portfolios designed to supplement your income, helping to secure your financial future.


The requirements of a trust can be very different to those of an individual stop at Raymond James, Cardiff we understand the importance of trust planning such that it enables trustees to fulfil their duties stop whether it be catering for the needs of the beneficiaries and all life tenants we can structure investment portfolios to be the needs of both and provide assistance and guidance to trustees and legal professionals alike.


Having received a lump sum from a relative or friend there is the temptation to spend the capital all at once. As an inheritor, you should consider an alternative of turning a would-be one time spend into a lifelong asset that produces income for you and your family. Raymond James, Cardiff can create investment strategies securing your windfall while aiming to produce regular income.